2020 – Austrian borders open!


Borders open! Jippy!!! Come and visit us 😊
Here in the beautiful and quiet region of Carinthia and the village of Greifenburg we are fortunately spared from the Corona virus.

If you go on holiday to Austria then we would personally suggest the region of Carinthia. Not only because the Corona numbers are most favourable in Carinthia, but mainly because the nature is beautiful and the tourism is more relaxed (less tourism) than in the northern regions.
And if you do come to Carinthia then I can immediately advise you to take a tandem paragliding flight with us and enjoy the mountains and the valley off Greifenburg, Oberdrautal and the world famous Weissensee.

Here you can find some more information: Austria.info

We are waiting for you, Hope to see you soon at the Fliegercamp!


Daniel, Rudi und Markus
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