Rudi Baumgartner:

Since the beginning of my flying career I Fly in Greifenburg and know the area like my back pocket. Since I live in Greifenburg, I know the weather sometimes better than the
Weather Forecasts. Currently I’ve got over 1000 starts and countless flying hours and I fly for years absolutely accident-free and with great care for the tandem flights.
I have participated multiple times at the Red Bull Dolomitenmann and in some other competitions but that does not make the attraction of flying for me. Competitions are stress for the pilot and I avoid stress when flying where ever I can.
In addition to the tandem flights I run a trade in forest plants and an agriculture. I do not fly to earn money but to get people involved in flying. To enable an unforgettable experience and to be the one who made the dream of flying come true.
The biggest reward of a tandem pilot is the radiance of the passenger after the flight.

I hope to see you soon and enjoy a flight together.


Tel: +43(0)650 750 69 34 (Only German)

Rudi Baumgartner

Rudi Baumgartner

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Rudi Baumgartner


Tel: +43(0)664 26 20 900