ICARO – Instinct 2 ACRO


I’m selling my beloved ICARO – Instinct 2 ACRO, In top condition.

Production date: 2014
Check until: 10-2018
Check condition: Used – Very good condition
Price: 850,-
Very good condition. No repairs, no sand / dunes, no tree, or bad landings etc. One time in the water at a SIV training, so the glider is clean ;).
Selling reason: Stepping up to an acro glider.
The glider can be viewed at any time on request in Greifenburg at our Tandem Paragliding HQ. Directly at the camp site of the Fliegercamp.

If you are interested please send me an e-mail or give me a ring.

Cheers Daniel

Technical Details:
Size: Unisize
Area, flat: 20.90m²
Area, projected: 17.20m²
Aspect ratio, flat: 5.03
Aspect ratio, projected: 4.40
Span, flat: 10.25m
Span, projected: 8.70m
Number of cells: 39
TOW, min: 70kg
TOW, max: 110kg
Certification: EN-C