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Tandem Paragliding Austria - Greifenburg & Lienz

Tandem Paragliding Austria

Come and Fly with our professional tandem paraglider pilots and enjoy the spectacular views above the Austrian mountains. Follow your dreams and fly with us!


How it works

Please take a look at these important steps!

Book your flight

Please give us a call or send us a message to book your dream flight.

Check your gear

Make sure you wear solid hiking shoes, long pants, sunglasses, and a jacket.
Dress as if you would stand on a high mountaintop.

Meeting point

Make sure you know where our meeting point is! And please be there at the time we agreed on.


After a few steps we will be in the air! Enjoy your flight with spectacular views and the ultimate feeling of freedom.



Children want to fly!

The magic of flying, Every child dreams of it!

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Meet our professional pilot team



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